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Does Hope Makes Us Human?

They say, ‘Hope is a thing that makes us human’.

When I was a child, I never knew anything about HOPE. Little did I know that I will need it the most when I grow up.

When my dad was diagnosed with Lymphoma (Non-Hodgkins), I didn’t know what ‘HOPE’ was.

When the doctors said he was diagnosed in the last stage itself, we didn’t have anything so we all hoped he could fight this.

When we saw our finances exhausting, we held onto HOPE that the Universe will help us arrange everything.

When we couldn’t celebrate our birthdays, important events and festivals with joyful hearts, we hoped good times weren't far away.

When each of us is mentally, emotionally & physically battling with this dangerous condition, we’re still holding onto HOPE that things are getting better.

When I see my mother battling through so much along with dad, I hope she will get stronger.

When everyday brings a new battle for us, we still HOPE that time will soon be in our favour.

When we all show up at our respective places with a strong mindset and brave hearts, there’s still HOPE inside us.

Today, when I see my dad’s condition with his skin rotting, all the bones flashing and nerves turning black with diverse and threatening side effects of chemo at such a young age, my heart cries. It cries out loud at the hopelessness and helplessness of the situation. My eyes well up. My lips tremble to answer when someone asks me, ‘If I’m okay?’.

Sometimes, I wonder. We held onto HOPE for so long but was it really worth holding onto?

Maybe all this time, we failed to realise that Hope is for the beggars.

P.S - Grateful to the Universe for teaching me what hope is. Thank you for opening the gateway to FAITH.