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Sakshi Joshi - Her Story
Want to know how a commerce student entered into the field of content? Check out how Sakshi Joshi became a content expert. Read here to know more!

Sakshi's Story

Born and raised in Chandigarh, Sakshi pursued her B.Com in Economic Hons. and M.Com in Marketing from Panjab University. Yes, she has no qualifications in the content field. Her expertise and experience says it all. 

That’s because, she has devoted 8 years to the content industry. And, completed more than 50 certified courses on content from HubSpot, Udemy, Simplilearn, and other online learning platforms. Meaning, she never misses a chance to upskill, learn and grow as per the industry standards. 

Fast forward to the story, unlike others in her batch, she never wanted to pursue CA accounting as a profession. Sakshi always had a way, right from her childhood to surround herself with creativity. Though she never knew that a creative career do exists. 

During her finance training at Godrej & Boyce. Ltd, one of her connections introduced her to content writing as a profession. That was a magic wand moment for her because all her life she had been dedicated to writing and reading. 

Curious to take a step forward, she started content writing as a part-time job for pocket money in 2016. She never knew this would turn as a full-time profession for her in the near future. Today, she has an experience of working in digital marketing, IT, tech-automation startups and more than 50+ clients in her freelancing career. 

Going back to the story, being from a family of government employees, Sakshi was pressurised to prepare for the competitive exams. Qualifying for the government tasks wasn’t a cakewalk. She tried and tried, but didn’t succeed. Because, she couldn’t put her heart and soul into it. Her heart and soul were somewhere else. 

With lots of family, peer pressure and societal tantrums, her mind was totally dumbstruck on what to do next. One year passed, while she kept preparing for the exams along with the content-writing thing. The world questions you with the outcomes. She had no achievements only failures. 

Distressed, she joined a famous BPO and started working for Jet Airways (Privilege) as a call center executive. This stuck like a thunderbolt to her family as they had high expectations from her. They made sure that she leaves the job sooner. Moreover, she knew that she was meant for something else. Within 2 months, she was out of it. 

Once again, she was at the same place (her home) with fear, guilt, a pot full of mistakes, criticism and expectations. It was her ‘Never Give Up’ attitude that made her explore content writing opportunities online. Soon, she came across an app where she worked with NGOs and completed more than 15 internships (paid and unpaid). 

Based on her experience, she also got a few clients on different social media. And, finally in 2018, her corporate journey started when she joined an IT startup. 

Her experience, transparency and authenticity speaks volume about her abilities, dedication and hardwork. Finally, she was able to put her heart and soul into the content that she generated for different brands. 

Sakshi believes, ‘In the world of AI tools, find someone who can add authenticity, emotions and creativity to your brand’s voice’

That’s possible when you get in touch with highly expressive content creators like Sakshi.

When she’s not working, feel free to look for her in a library/garden or painting. 

P.S. - Being deeply interested in spirituality, Sakshi is always up for a spiritual chit chat.