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Cribbing & Gratitude

From Cribbing to Gratitude

My journey from cribbing to gratitude has been a long one. And, I’m still learning.

When you see your primary caregivers cribbing day and night, you learn the same. And as a kid, you don’t have any other role models than your primary caregivers. That’s how the habit of cribbing caught me. But, I’m thankful that I had something to unlearn which took me the next level i.e. GRATITUDE. I never knew what it was until I started doing it.

Expressing gratitude is a recent habit that I’ve developed, I didn’t grow up with this. Even when I couldn’t find anything to be grateful for, I tried hard to change my mindset. The rock-solid beliefs and values are deeply embedded in our mind and upbringing also plays a huge role in this.

However, by God’s grace, there has always been a spark inside me to change the harsh reality. I read books and came across people who’re living a grateful life. Soon, I started following the art of expressing gratitude.

With that, I realised that gratitude is a magnet for miracles. It helps you attract abundance in many ways. It really is life-changing and more importantly, you’re no longer chasing anything. You’re just yourself, counting on your blessings. With gratitude, you feel you’re the most blessed person in the Universe. It’s that silence in the chaos.

So, I’d say never lose a moment where you could be grateful for.

What are you grateful for at this moment? Let me know in the comments below.

P.S - I’m so grateful for this human life that’s full of learning and unlearning. It urges me to constantly work on myself.