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How You Respond Matters

Trauma & Healing

Trauma is not what happens to you but how you respond to it.

Once again, I learned this the hard way. Initially, I’ve been the kid who used to cry about everything that happened to me. Little did I know about positivity, cycle breaking, healing, re-parenting or spirituality.

With time, I learned how we all are spiritual beings leading a human life. Gradually, I changed my mindset and habits, no matter how difficult it was. Yes, as difficult as walking on a beaten path.

Being traumatised by your primary caregivers inculcates the worst kind of fears, insecurities, anxiety, and most importantly you’ll always have a bleeding heart that’s full of pain, sorrow, hurt and disappointments.

(That’s how I learned the importance of letting go)

With time, I learned we cannot change the past, we can only change our response to what happens to us in future. For the longest time, I’ve not been very vocal about it, but now I’m to an extent.

Maybe, that again is a part of my healing journey.

Feel free to share your story in the comments below, only if you’re comfortable being authentic and vulnerable.

Sending love to everyone who’s dealing with pain.