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Which Season You Like The More?
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Winter Or Summer?

Sakshi Joshi
Sakshi Joshi Emotions

Dear Winter,

For the longest years of my life, I've hated you. Whenever the winter season came, I used to go into hibernation.

I've figured out that it was due to lack of acceptance. And one thing I've realised, if you can't accept Mother Nature with her changing seasons, you'll find it difficult accepting everything else.

After all, Mother Nature is the reason behind our existence. Winter might have its own benefits as people say you can eat as much as you can and stay cosy in your blankets.

But, for the longest time, I couldn't accept the rotting of leaves, staying indoors, foggy mornings, the times spend staying on bed all the time, the icy cold water, the alternate day showers, Winter rains and especially no sunshine.

However, from the last 2 years since the word acceptance entered my life, I've started accepting things as they come. Especially when I've no control over them.

My love for Mother Nature isn't partial now. I like it inside out though I'm still not in love with the winter season but no hatred at least.

After all, it's a slow process. Internalisation is not a magic wand.

Now, I've added another perspective to the season.

Those winter rains make me believe there's a ray of sunshine waiting for us on the other side.

Those gloomy days without sun shows how important sunshine is in our lives.

Those foggy mornings depict how important clarity is every phase of life.

That lazy cuddled staying in the bed mode is a test of our willingness and determination.

Everything about winter determines falling and picking yourself again.

Its about the change which is the only constant.

Its about a new ray of hope.

Its about so much more than we can imagine, maybe.

Thank you, Mother Nature for all the beautiful lessons. Learning from you each day.

Thank you for being my mentor!

With Love,

Nature's Child.