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An Insane Letter

Sakshi Joshi
Sakshi Joshi Emotions

When you put too much energy whether it’s love or hatred, the Universe knows. The thing is, the Universe just senses ENERGIES.

Be it good or bad. And, if you put so much thought and vibrations into something, the Universe multiplies it and gives it to you, no matter you love it or hate it.

The same happened to me in the case of DRIVING. From hating to drive to spending more than 10 years driving and being the only Go-TO DRIVER in my family, so many years have passed by.

So, I thought of writing a letter to ‘Driving’. I know it’s not a thing but an action verb and might not make sense to many, but it does to me. That’s all I care about.

Dear Driving,

I’m sorry for sending hate energy to you.

I apologize for the toxic relationship we had, let’s start fresh. 

I won’t say that I’m in love with you, but I no longer hate you. 

I won’t say, you’re not a habit. But, I would definitely say that you’ve become a part and parcel of my life. 

I won’t say that I want to keep driving like crazy like I do now, but I don’t really want to part ways with you.

I won’t say I don’t want to keep driving all by myself, but I would say yes I might need somebody who could DRIVE me crazy ;)

I won’t say that I’m not tired, but I would definitely say that I’m exhausted. 

I won’t say that I don’t know who I am when I’m driving. Rather I would say, I have learned the ins and outs of Driving.

I won’t say that I want to keep driving like crazy like I do now, but I don’t really want to part ways with you.

I never thought I would express gratitude to you. But today I want to.

Thank you so much for being a soother in my long solo dates. 

Thank you for not judging me for my emotional outbursts.

Thank you for helping me know myself inside and out. 

Thank you for the sneak-peak moments in the mirror.

Thank you for taking me on unexplored paths.

Thank you for accepting me as I am.

Thank you for bringing me closer to myself.

Yes, I don’t literally love you, but I guess, the Universe has left no choice for me. 

Though, I would love to sit in the seat besides the driver seat someday.

As they say, there's no place for hatred only love in the Universe.

Hey, Universe. I hope you’re listening. Me and Driving are even now. Peace out!