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Appreciate to Lift Others

Appreciation or Criticism?

‘People tell me you’re very good at appreciating’.

‘Thank you for pushing us to greater heights’.

‘Thank you for inspiring us’.

‘No one really cares to put in so much effort to lift someone, how do you do this?’.

‘Thank you for the little motivating things that you do’.

Apart from these compliments, I’m always asked one question, ‘How do you manage to appreciate the little things around you? Haven’ you set a benchmark for appreciation?

To them, I want to reveal today. I come from a family where I’ve been demeaned and criticised for every mistake and every little thing that I’ve done wrong, right from childhood.

From filthy comments to heart-breaking gestures, I’ve seen it all.

In a family, where you’ve never seen a single word of appreciation, you learn the value of it. However, people outside my family have always appreciated my extraordinary abilities. I’ve been lucky there. Ut, I haven’t felt that because I’ve been, for so long, used to the criticism.

For every child, appreciation from the primary caregivers means a lot. Unfortunately, I never received that.This is why, I know what appreciation means to someone who’s working hard and making consistent & determined efforts. Because I’ve been at that place and I know how it feels.

Still, I’m fortunate enough to learn one lesson from this - 
‘Appreciate yourself when no one does’

I’ve chosen to rise above the darkest pothole and be the light of my own world and others around me.

What do you choose?