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Do Fairytale Exist?

Sakshi Joshi
Sakshi Joshi rhymes


The girl who believes in fairytales

Learning from fairytales isn’t bad. I know you wonder at some of the false narratives. But, never stop dreaming because dreams inspire you to achieve all those distorted ambitions.

I know, life isn’t starry-eyed. It’s not at all like a Disney movie. And, love doesn’t fall into your laps. Infact, nothing does. You’ve to fight and work hard for everything. I won’t stop you from believing in Magic though.

Because magic happens when you’ve faith. Faith in your dreams. Faith in yourself. Faith in the Universe. When you’re beyond those struggles and hurdles, magic will happen. Fairytales taught you that it’s never only about hunky-dory weddings but also about your ambitions. It’s not about comfort zones but changes and challenges. 

You don’t need to be a damsel in distress.

Because you can on your own sort out the mess. 

Fairytales aren’t only about masses, trends and cultures. 

They’re about creativity and imagination.

It’s not about how you feel and why.

It’s about how you spread your wings, fly high and soar in the sky.

For some, fairytales might be an illusion

But it comes to life when you create your own without confusion



Someone who knows you’re dreaming.