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Spiritual Life Lessons
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Spiritual Lessons

Things learned the hard way leads you to a beautiful spiritual journey.

I’ve learned a lot of things the hard way. I’d say the things learned the hard way are painful but the best because it gives you lessons for a lifetime.

I’m grateful to the divine for busting all the myths and hardcore beliefs that I was brought up with. A few of them include -

Parents are Gods. They’re not and we shouldn’t set godly expectations from them.

What might be the truth for many, might not be for you. 

To attract better, you’ve to become better.

Change is the only constant. No one will contribute to change. Only you’ll have to learn to change your reality.

Only your family loves you the most. They do, but you can also try to love yourself more.

Pain when turned into healing flowers & attracts abundance.

Do you have any spiritual stories or lessons to share? Feel free to share anything that transformed you.