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 The Cloud Cuckooland

Sakshi Joshi
Sakshi Joshi rhymes

As a child, her mother always told her - It’s a fantasy world and it’s not real.

As she grows up everyone told her the same.

However, she never paid any heed to anyone.

Again her mother warned her, "It's a cloud cuckooland you're living in"

She grew up some more believing -

She will write her own destiny and play with planets and stars.

Once again her mother informed her, "There's still time, it's never too late, come out of it".

Now she is a fully grown adult.

All those warnings by her mother echoes in her ears.

And, it took her 24 years to realize that life wasn't a fairytale.


The happy endings

The surprise gestures

The kind innocent Characters

The witches, dwarfs, castles, kings, princesses, flying dragons, fairies, eves, goblins, the royalty and all the magical things were deep seated in her head.

As soon as the bubble of fairytale exploded, the land of reality cracked open making her crave for the dreamland even more!!!