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The Same Place

Sakshi Joshi
Sakshi Joshi rhymes



The place was the same

The lake was the same

The sun shone brightly

The waves touched the shore exactly as it did before

The winter month looked the same

Couples tugging on each other tightly

Spending quality time with each other as they did before (maybe)


Sat their alone with the cold breeze caressing her face, hair and body.

Clenched herself tighter to block the chilled air.

She was the same too. Didn’t like winters even now.


The only difference was she didn’t had him to clasp her, hug her, embrace her and make her feel the way she used to feel with him.


Sitting alone with her own arms hugging her and her own hands comforting her.


Everything was present, except him.

Nothing bothered her except his absence.


Just as the winter didnt last forever,

Neither did they!