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Spiritual Life Lessons Sakshi Joshi

Words or Behaviour?

Words are hollow, behaviour is true communication

One of the best things that I’ve learned growing up in a trauma-centred environment is that it lets you learn a lot of things. The best thing that I’ve learned is that most often we get used to the toxicity so much that we ignore it which further leads to suppression.

We believe in hollow words rather than behaviour. If you’re in a toxic relationship with anyone, it’s important to distinguish between the words said and the behaviour justified. Some people have real inconsistent behaviour and despite that you might be entertaining that because it’s your family.

The truth is that you’re not entitled to entertain any humiliation or disrespect thrown your way. The same goes at your workplace too. That’s where this situation teaches you to draw a line and learn how to build boundaries.

Have you experienced anything like this?

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