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A Letter To My Mom

Sakshi Joshi
Sakshi Joshi Emotions

Dear Maa,

How did I forget that you're also a human being?

Please Forgive Me.

I am sorry for accusing you of being a victim.

I am sorry for not hearing you.

I am sorry for not being grateful enough.

I am sorry for thinking that you never taught me to fight back and answer.

I am sorry for thinking that you shunned my emotions.

I always expected a change from you.

Little did I knew, that you brought a change when you gave birth to us. That was it.

I always wanted you to take a stand. I am sorry for being forceful in our relationship. I am sorry for not giving you your time. I am sorry for taking you for granted. I am sorry for not understanding what you went through.

I apologise for my habit of constant cribbing, blame games, attacking and aggressiveness.

How did I forget that I cannot change the world if I don't change myself?

Why was I so eager to change you?

Why didn't I realize that I shunned my own emotions?

Why didn't I realize that I was immature. Why did I considered you weak?

Why didn't I accept that even you could have been suffering from a trauma?

Why dont we allow our parents to make mistakes?

Why did I think that you don’t have the right to make mistakes?

Aren't you a human being?


Today, I have realized that you're the strongest woman I've ever known.

Today, I want to thank you for teaching me honesty, kindness, love and compassion. Thank you for keeping me grounded to the Earth.

Thank you for helping me believe in magic. I have always wondered what magic was and how it could turn my life upside down.

I started believe in magic when I saw you give birth to my younger sister and brother. The whole new existence that you brought to life is far beyond magic. It's a miracle.

I never imagined in my whole life that we as women could do something like that. Thank you for making me believe in the strength of the universe.

Thank you for making me believe that the magical super powers of a woman. The way you take care of our traumatic family is beyond measure.

I have realised that our parents are human beings before they are parents to us.