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Faith Over Fears

Faith or Fears?

Many have asked me about my fears. I tell them, I’ve none.That’s what inter-generational trauma teaches you.

Either it teaches you to live in fear, or it helps you break down all the barriers of fear that you’ve built around your authenticity.

While I was a kid, I was fearful. I had fear of losing, fear of rejection, fear of being alienated, fear of being lonely, fear of so many things that I can’t describe.

As I evolved, Life unveiled itself. I learned more about spirituality. I tried unlearning the toxic habits, I’m doing it everyday. Instead of making toxicity my lifestyle, I tried letting go of all that wasn’t needed. I’m still in the process. I focused completely on my growth.

The minute I made this decision, I was the happiest. No matter what you go through in life, it’s essential to GROW THROUGH it.

After all, life is all about the choices we make.

So, to all those who ask me this question, I’d never been fearless. I was a fearful kid but now by God’s grace and the right choices in my life, I’m learning to be limitless and fearless.

When faith resides, there’s no place for fear.

P.S - Changing yourself is not an overnight process, it takes a lifetime. The same goes for healing.