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Letter to my best friend
A Letter To My Best Friend

Letter To My Bestie

Sakshi Joshi
Sakshi Joshi Emotions


I know I’ve never called you ‘Best Friend’ because to me you were always FAMILY. I don’t know if I can say that anymore with your ‘Future Family’ waiting for you.

You might have many best friends, but for me you’ve always been the ONE friend who knows me inside out. From being my person to a partner in crime, you’ve been the only constant in my life.

From the first day we met in college to first movie together

From the youth fest days to studying together

From the irritating fights to taking care of each other

From navigating through the chaos to empathising each other

From girls day out to attending family gatherings

From pushing me for dating to finding guys for me

From talking long hours on phone to taking me out

From sharing secrets to being vulnerable

Thank you for all the love, care and kindness.

Thank you for being the PUNJABI to my Pahadi vibe

Thank you for being the SOCIAL element for all my connections.

Thank you for being the window to my shopping.

Thank you for celebrating successes and mourning failures

Thank you for always believing in me.

Thank you for staying with me even when I shut you off.

Thank you for being there when the world was cruel.

I’m glad I crossed paths with you and made joyous memories.

I’m writing this with a crying heart, I really don’t know what will I do without you.

Also, I still plan to visit your house to eat, drink, sleep and do whatever I want to when you’re not around. Because for me that is my second house here. You might leave Chandigarh, but you’re never leaving my heart. I hope we stay in touch.

I will MISS YOU YAARA. I really don’t know how I will survive without you.