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Letter To My Dad

Sakshi Joshi
Sakshi Joshi Emotions


The strongest man in my life

I know I have been trying to build bridges between us but in vain. I’ve always felt a lack of connection and a bond in our relationship. Maybe now I have the answer to it all.

You keep blinking when you’re stressed. You roll your moustache when you’re overthinking. You get mood swings. You feel depressed when you don’t have any work. You talk and talk because that’s what you like. You walk in and out of the house when you continuously think about a single thing. You faint when you see blood. You plant when you’re happy. I still don’t know you completely after all the 25 years I’ve spent with you. But all I know is ‘You’re a pillar of strength’. I know I might have been thankless for the life you gave us, but today I’m really grateful for all that you’ve done for us.

From your traumatic childhood, when depression was a taboo to the struggle you’re still facing in your life. You’ve been alive and kicking. No matter the hardships you faced, the pains you felt, or the lack of relationships in your life, you’ve always stood strongly above all. I know I can’t understand the pain you’re going right now, but I can say that it’s hard for you.

I know you’ll fight this battle too and will soon be as strong as an ox. You’re a fighter and your success says it all. Cancer won’t stop you from completing your travel checklist. This time, I will accompany you wherever you plan to go. We’ll plant and travel together.

My dear tower of strength, I don’t say it often but I really love you. Waiting for your tantrums and criticisms.


Your daughter who’ll always love you

P.S - Together we’re tougher than cancer. Sending love and hope to all those who are battling cancer.