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Spiritual or Human Beings?

People tell me that they are not into spirituality. Little do they know, that we are already spiritual beings leading a human life.

Do as humans say that we are not into humanity? So how can we say that we are not into spirituality?

That's also because, people have turned spirituality into a subject now. However it's not a subject but the ultimate truth of the universe.

My understanding of spirituality is evolving with time. For me, it's about our own self. I guess the more I learn about myself, the more I know thyself, the more I analyse myself , the more spiritual I become.

It's about connecting to something bigger than ourselves, searching the meaning of life and our true purpose. It all begins with us.

Spirituality is more or less, taking charge of our own self. It helps you be in the present moment, enjoy the journey, have faith and be mindful of all that's happening around you and inside you .

It's a broad concept that leads you to a divine path full of prayers, love, warmth, peace and gratitude. It's more than what we have ever imagined.

Sending love to all those who are in a journey of finding themselves

What do you think spirituality is?

Let me know in the comments section.